Help Me Hank! Missing W-2

Help Me Hank: Help Me Hank! Missing W-2

Posted: 03/18/08

Susan's a busy mom, running out the door, driving her kids around, working two jobs, finally getting home.

Susan Murphy, taxpayer
"It's hectic."

But no matter how much chaos is in her life one thing is certain, April 15th is tax day. Susan knew she needed to get her paperwork to the accountant ASAP.

Susan Murphy, taxpayer
"It's important to do it early."

All year Susan had been careful. She filed each tax document as it arrived in the mail.

Susan Murphy, taxpayer
"I'm pretty organized."

But by the end of January Susan hadn't received a W-2. Problem. That's the key document that proves how much money she made, and how much the government has already withheld. She knew no W-2, no filing your taxes, no refund. She called her employer to ask, where's my W-2?

Susan Murphy, taxpayer
"I just thought maybe they were running late with it."

But no one could give her a definitive answer.

Susan Murphy, taxpayer
"It's very rotten to do to people that work for you."

With tax day looming and no W-2, Susan tried another number.

Susan Murphy, taxpayer
"Channel 7."

It turns out that Susan's company was in the midst of a management shake up. One of the company owners told us the other had the W-2s, and the other owner was just unreachable, so we went to the experts, the IRS.

They told us, no problem, taxpayers can create their own W-2s. Go to the IRS website: got it. Fill out Form 4852: got it. Then Susan used her pay stubs to estimate total income and federal and state taxes withheld: check. Submit the form as a W-2 substitute: done. And right on time Susan got her documents to the accountant and now is happily awaiting her refund. But all is well only because she's organized.

Susan Murphy, taxpayer
"It worked, you got to keep your pay stubs."

If you file your taxes with an estimated W-2 and later get the real one check to confirm all of the numbers add up. If not you'll have to file an amended tax return.

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