New England's Best: Pizza

Deep dish, thin crust, round or square -- everybody has a favorite kind of pizza, but where's your favorite place? You voted, we counted and hit the road to get the "dish" on "New England's Best Pizza".

Our third place spot goes to the Lynwood Cafe in Randolph. Their pizza is a real slice of life. Pipping hot, dripping with cheese and it won't cost you a lot of dough.

Stephen Campanella, Lynnwood Cafe
"We do it in a pan where we form the dough into the pan and it’s more about biscuit crust."

They haven't changed the recipe in over 50 years.

Stephen Campanella
"They come back 20 years later to have it, they can be like, ‘oh my god it tastes the same.’"

In our second place spot -- Santarpio's in East Boston. They've been a neighborhood fixture for 100 years. You won't find any gourmet pies here. Just dough, cheese, sauce, traditional toppings and… gimmicks? Forget-a-bout it.

Frank Santarpio, Santarpio's Pizza
"It's just a joke, it doesn't do a (expletive) thing (laughs)."

When you have a good thing going, word gets out. Over the years, celebrities have made it a stop.

Frank Santarpio
"I've got Frank Sinatra in the cab. We're going to the airport and he's hungry…My father said, ‘well, bring him in.’"

So, the next time you're on the way to Logan, stop by Santarpios. Tell 'em Amy sent you.

Your first place spot really delivers -- Pizzeria Regina located in the heart of the Boston' s North End.

Christopher Columbus may have discovered the world was round, but Pizzeria Regina's discovery -- pizza was served best in a circle.

Stuart Thompson, Pizzeria Regina
"It was actually innovative to start making round pizzas."

One of the oldest pizza houses in the country, Pizzeria Regina's recipe has evolved over the years.

Stuart Thompson
"All the old families from Italy I'm sure had some input in the taste of the sauce, the taste of the cheese and how long the cheese should be aged."

With all of the toppings you'll feel like you've had a square meal in a round pan. Next time you're looking for pizza, any way you slice it you can't go wrong with New England's Best.

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New England’s Best Pizza winners:

Pizzeria Regina
11 ˝ Thatcher St.

Santarpio's Pizza
111 Chelsea Street
East Boston

Lynwood Cafe
320 Center Street

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