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New England's Best: Best Chinese Food

From Pu Pu platters to Peking Duck, Mandarin, Sichuan or Cantonese, Chinese food has become as American as apple pie. But where do you go when you want a place that's chopsticks above the rest?

You voted, we counted, then hit the road to try our fortune at “New England's Best” Chinese restaurants.

You may come to worship the food at our third place winner, the Golden Temple in Brookline. Their extensive menu offers everything from chicken to calamari. All dishes are prepared fresh with cholesterol-free canola oil… And they never add MSG.

Eric Hornfeldt, Golden Temple
"We take these old Cantonese classics and supe them up a little bit."

At night they take a “wok” on the wild side, turning up the music and pouring out the drinks.

Eric Hornfeldt, Golden Temple
"My bartenders are there making Mai Tais left and right… Left and right.”

But for your homebodies, they really deliver... with take-out service all over the Boston area.

Eric Hornfeldt, Golden Temple
“All those things added together make it a nice destination and we're happy that the viewers at Channel 7 chose us.”

Three cheers for our second place winner – PF Chang’s in Boston's Theater District. Have dinner, then catch a show. The restaurant's fun, lively atmosphere is an event all by itself.

Vince Chiaramonte, PF Chang's
"It's not a quiet place -- lot going on, food going by."

Their Mongolian Beef and Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps get rave reviews. And their wine selection alone deserves a standing ovation.

Vince Chiaramonte, PF Chang's
"We have 70 wines by the glass."

It's also a great place to people watch, celebrities are regular diners, especially during baseball season.

Vince Chiaramonte, PF Chang's
"We had all the Yankees on one side of the restaurant and all of the Red Sox on the other side of the restaurant with Katie Couric running back and forth between the two."

First up, take a ride on the Orient Express to our first place winner – Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus. Step inside and you'll be transported to a Polynesian wonderland of waterfalls and volcanoes.

Bob Wong, Kowloon Restaurant
"It's a fun atmosphere."

The family-run restaurant offers classic Chinese cuisine that doesn't cost a "fortune." Dinner entrees run between $10 and $15 and lunch can be had for a "spare" $5.

Bob Wong, Kowloon Restaurant
"People can come in with a family and still find it affordable."

And once the sun goes down, they add a little spice with dancing, drinking -- even a comedy club.

Bob Wong, Kowloon Restaurant
"We like to portray ourselves as the number one Asian dining and entertainment complex."

So next time you're hungry for some Chinese food be sure to try “New England's Best” -- three great restaurants that are clearly more than just a flash in the pan.

Your “New England’s Best” winners:

948 Broadway (Rt. 1 North)
Saugus, MA 01906

PF Chang's China Bistro
8 Park Plaza
Boston, MA 02116

Golden Temple
1651 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02146

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