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Local woman helps rescue Tom Brady from Charles River

Posted: 06/18/09 at 1:11 pm
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BROOKLINE, Mass. -- A local woman made an all-star rescue out on the Charles River.

A couple weeks ago Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen left behind their glitz and glamour lifestyle and hit the Charles in kayaks. However, Tom fumbled and fell in.

He was rescued by local elementary school teacher Robin Leeds.

"We were tying up our boat to a buoy and the boat boy came over and said ‘You are never going to guess who is on the Charles renting kayaks right now' and he said ‘Do you want to go check it out.' I said ‘yeah,' " Leeds said.

When they got near the star couple, they realized Tom was not in his kayak. He was in the water.

Leeds helped pull Tom into the motor boat she was in.

"I actually asked him why he fell in. He said he was racing one of his friends. It was Tom, Giselle and his friend...so he was racing his friend," Leeds said.

After Tom's dip, Leeds asked him if she could take a picture with him. She said Tom kidded around and said "of course, you saved my life."

"Really friendly, really appreciative that we fished him out of the Charles. I talked with Giselle. We talked about how beautiful the weather it was," Leeds said.

Leeds was happy that she was about to help Tom.

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