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Authorities seek creator of fake Lawrence Police Department Web site

Posted: 02/08/07 at 7:16 am

LAWRENCE, Mass. -- Police in Lawrence are asking for a subpoena against MySpace.com to get to the bottom of a crime online.

Authorities hope to discover who is responsible for "The Unofficial 'Official' Home of the LAWPD" Web site link found on the Lawrence department's MySpace.com profile.

The posted page features provocatively clad policewomen, profane language and raunchy romance advertisements.

The fake police Web site says it was "designed by affiliates of the Lawrence Police Department." The page displays the Lawrence Police Department's real logo, along with links to the actual Haverhill Police Department and the Lawrence Fire Department Web sites.

The page does urge visitors to call 911 in case of a real emergency.

The Lawrence Police Department say the fake page has tarnished their image. They plan to pursue disciplinary action or sanctions, depending whether the site's creator is an officer or civilian respectively. 

The Haverhill Police Department also has had problems with inappropriate material appearing on their MySpace.com page.

Representatives from MySpace.com say that all of the questionable content was removed from both police sites. The company plans to reveal the users' identities if subpoenaed. 

The Lawrence Police Department will now pre-approve all MySpace.com postings on their profile.

MySpace.com is a popular Web site, where people or groups can post profiles and communicate with each other.

Recently, police departments have been creating profiles on MySpace.com as a way to gather anonymous tips on possible crime activity. The Haverhill Police Department says they get two or three good tips a week.

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