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Death-predicting cat has canine competition

Posted: 08/15/07 at 4:47 pm

CANTON, OH -- You probably remember Oscar the cat, who lives in a Providence nursing home and has the ability to predict death. Workers at the facility say Oscar curls up next to patients just hours before they die. Now it seems Oscar isn't alone.

Say hello to Scamp, a schnauzer who lives in a nursing home in Canton, Ohio.

Employee Adeline Baker said the dog is "very sensitive to the families and the needs of the residents. He knows when someone is not doing well-- he'll camp out in their room."

The dog has actually dragged his bed into the room of a person who was passing away.

Scamp came to the facility after a near brush with death himself.

Just a puppy, he was hit by a car that crushed his pelvis and punctured his colon. It took 6 weeks to recover. Then Scamp took his first steps here and never left.

Now he's Baker's right-hand dog. "Scamp is a big part of this facility," she said. Where Baker goes, Scamp is never far behind. Not even the camera could keep him from his appointed rounds.

And he seems to smell grief as well. An elderly man who came to feed his wife made a friend in Scamp.

"He always talked to Scamp," Baker said. "On the day she died the whole family was in there. [Scamp] went into the room, stopped at every family member and just stopped like he was paying his condolences. I've never seen anything like it."

Scamp's record may be even more impressive than Oscar's. Oscar has predicted the last 25 deaths at his nursing home. But directors at the Canton facility say Scamp has called nearly every one of the 40 deaths there in the past three years.

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